Before the beginning of any quest each player must read carefully the Agreement-instruction and sign in the Team list as an agreement with Rules.

Belowing text is a copy of the Agreement-instruction which you can read before coming to the game.

Agreement-instruction of the participation in the game.

Compliance with safety rules is mandatory for the participation in quest.

Members of team must follow the rules and demands established by the “Memory Maze” company.

In case of violation of the following rules, “Memory Maze” is not responsible for the consequences, including players injuries which arose through the fault of the team members.

Participations age: 14+, children under 14 can be allowed to the game with adult only. We can here and see you during the game and also video record the game. In case of the intentional violation of the rules administrator has a right to stop the game and remove players from the further participation with no refund.


1. Duration of the game is 60-75 minutes (depends on the selected quest). During the game you can take unlimited hints. Also if we are seeing that you can't solve some puzzles or don't have enough time, we can give you a hint, the game will be more interesting for you.


2. Recommended number of players is 2-6 people. If you wish, we can add more players. The number of extra players depends on the selected quest. Surcharge for the each extra player is 500 rub.


3. Your purpose is pass through the game zones and escape. Special skills and knowledge are not needed. You will be solving the puzzles, searching the keys, opening the locks and doors, using your wit and ingenuity to escape from your room.


4. “Memory Maze” team will be very grateful to you if you will be careful with our props and equipment in escape-room and welcome zone. Also we warn you that in case of equipments breaking due to the fault pf the team member the game will be immediately stopped.


5. To quickly get to the escape-room preliminarily look at the map in the section “Home”. Also if you are lost, you can call +79295973757 and our operators will help you to find the right way.


6. Using mobile phones, tabs and other devices during the game isn't recommended. All your private stuff you can put in luggage storage before the start of the game. We are asking you to mute your cell-phones before putting them in the storage.


7. Lateness are not welcome. If team is delayed on more than 20 minutes, organizers are allowed to cancel the game or shift the game on the another day or time. Prepayment, if it has been made, is not refundable.


8. Participation in quest isn't recommended to the claustrophobic people, people in the high emotional pressure condition. Also people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, neuropsychological problems, persons with pacemakers or other medical prescriptions should be careful. “Memory Maze” company are not in charge for people with possible limitations because of health condition who voluntarily are taking a part in quest.


9. It's not allowed to smoke, drink an alcohol, use drugs, spray toxic and tear gases. People in state of alcohol or drunk intoxication.




The game implies using only your mind and logic, don't use physic power for solving the puzzles.



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