Gina Darling Porn

Gina Darling
  • Birthplace: San Jose, California, USA
  • Age: 31
  • Height: 168
  • Weight: 0
  • Website: N/A
Gina Darling is an American model, dancer, entrepreneur, TV personality, actress and social media personality most renowned for featuring in the reality show ‘Roll Models’ and also for her YouTube channel ‘ExSuperVillain’. The half Russian and half Vietnamese damsel, who is a Machinima Dark Room host, has featured on several gaming channels including in YouTube star, David So’s ‘DavidSoComedy’ YouTube channel, appearing in many of his videos. She also earned fame by featuring in videos of the YouTube channel ‘JustKiddingFilms’ co-founded by Bart Kwan, and also in some of the episodes of the TV mini-series bearing the same title.

She posts daily vlogs, gaming videos, videos on beauty and also the ones with JK films in her own YouTube channel ‘ExSuperVillain’. These videos have earned her huge viewership and following. Her photo shoot with a Hello Kitty mask was quite appreciated. Apart from huge number of subscribers on her YouTube account, she also boasts of having a decent presence in other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and the count of her following is only improving with time.

The cute and petite half Russian and half Vietnamese lassie relocated from San Jose in California's Bay Area to the city of Los Angeles in California at only fifteen years of age. On September 5, 2008, she created her YouTube channel ‘ExSuperVillain’ where she started uploading videos apart from posting other videos including the ones on beauty and games. She also posts videos with JK films in this channel.

With time her videos caught attention of viewers and gradually the viewership rose garnering her huge following in the world of social media. At present, her YouTube channel ‘ExSuperVillain’ has a count of more than 11,580,000 views and over 227,000 subscribers.

Apart from developing videos for her own social media platforms, this charming beauty has also appeared in various other gaming channels, particularly in several videos posted on David So’s YouTube channel ‘DavidSoComedy’. Many of the videos of ‘JustKiddingFilms’, a popular YouTube channel co-founded by Bart Kwan that deals with cultural, social and contemporary issues with a comic touch featured Gina.

She is also quite popular in other social media platforms with her main Instagram account ‘missginadarling’ having a count of over 430 k followers and her other Instagram account ‘helloginadarling’, where she posts regular pictures from her everyday life, having a count of more than 150 k followers. Her Twitter account ‘missginadarling’ that she created in February 2009 has amassed more than 68 k followers till present.

Gina has tried her hands in acting as well with a couple of projects which has only upped her popularity. She became part of the reality show ‘Roll Models’ that explore the culture of Asian-American youth of Southern California. Gina appeared in eight episodes of this show in 2013 portraying her own self. She was also part of the cast of the short comedy TV series ‘JustKiddingFilms’ where she featured in five episodes from 2012 to 2014 and has been a Machinima Dark Room host.

Gina Darling was born on July 25, 1989, in San Jose in California, United States. It seems that this beautiful young lady does not open up much on her personal life as there is hardly any information available on her early life, family and other personal details exceptin that she is half Russian and half Vietnamese and was born and brought up in San Jose until she relocated to Los Angeles at 15 years of age. However, it is evident from a picture she posted in Instagram in 2015 from Disneyland that she has a little sister.
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