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  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 45
  • Website: />
Jisoo is a singer, model and actress from South Korea who was born on January 3, 1995 in Seoul, South Korea. Jisoo born with the full name of Kim Jisoo that in the Korean language is written with 김지수. Kim Jisoo a second child, and he has an older sister. According to information I get, Kim Jisoo have ever attended Yongho Middle School. Prior famous as a singer, Kim Jisoo previously been known for being a model and actress. Kim Jisoo several times has become a model in the video clips of YG artists, such as the MV Epik High in song entitled Spoiler and the MV Hi Suhyun feat. Booby in song titled I'm Different. In addition to being a model in the video clip, Kim Jisoo also often become models of various brands of products, one of which the most recent is a model of LG Stylus 2 along with one Boy Group of YG Entertainment, which is the iKON. Kim Jisoo also been a model Samsonite RED together with one of the famous actor, Lee Min Ho.

Kim Jisoo become a member of YG Entertainment training in August 2011, when Kim Jisoo about 16 years old. Kim Jisoo undergo training for about five years until later in August 2016, Kim Jisoo debut became a member of the BLACKPINK, Kim Jisoo has a beautiful face, therefore he was often referred to as the YG artists of the most beautiful, and in Black Pink certainly Kim Jisoo is the most beautiful, but the beauty of each person is may have different ideas, so of course there is also disagrees that Kim Jisoo this is the prettiest in YG, and if by admin, Kim Jisoo this is the fairest in BlackPink, not on YG :). Black Pink is one of the singers group formed by YG Entertainment, BlackPink debut in August 2016, Black Pink is composed of four members, namely Kim Jisoo itself, and three other members, namely Kim Jennie, Rose and Lisa. Black Pink after the debut managed to get fans very much, BlackPink titled debut album Square One with two MV namely Whistle and Boombayah managed to attract the attention of many people, and the songs of Black Pink in a short time has been tops in a variety of chart songs.
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