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Liza Soberano
  • Birthplace: Santa Clara, California, USA
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 169
  • Weight: 0
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Liza Soberano or Hope Elizabeth Soberano is a Filipino-American actress. She started in a range of television series and films, including Wansapanataym (2011), Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo (2012), She's the One (2013), Must Be... Love (2013). She rose to prominence after playing the protagonist Maria Agnes Calay in the romantic comedy television series Forevermore (2014–2015) with Enrique Gil. Since then, she has taken on starring roles with Gil in romantic comedy films Just The Way You Are and Everyday I Love You (2015), My Ex and Whys (2017), and the television series Dolce Amore (2016) and Bagani (2018). She is confirmed to star in Erik Matti's adaptation of Darna as the eponymous comic book superheroine. She is also named as Campaign Asia-Pacific's most popular endorser of 2017.

Since the rise of her career after the television series Forevermore, Soberano has been hailed as one of the most beautiful actresses in the Philippines, adored by fans and celebrities alike. International Dubai-based couture designer Michael Cinco who then wasn't familiar with Soberano nor her works remarked about her beauty on his Instagram account upon seeing her photo, while noted fashion and celebrity photographer Mark Nicdao dubbed Soberano as "The New Paraluman" on a post on his Instagram account, giving nod to the great Filipina actress Paraluman, who during her prime was noted for her beauty.

Often described by the media as "one of Philippine television's most beautiful faces", However Soberano said "I appreciated it, but sometimes that’s all they notice. I don't want them to remember me because I'm pretty." As for her, she wants to be recognized for her confidence and courage to take new roles in her career.

Despite being a relatively newcomer to the industry, Soberano has been described by critics as a talented actress. Soberano's performance in the film Everyday, I Love You received positive reviews from critics; Peter P. Asilo of the Philippine Daily Inquirer said: "Soberano’s acting choices may need more texture and refinement—but, at only 17, lovely Liza is quickly coming into her own as a fine actress!" Columnist Mario Bautista said: "We'll have no reservations in declaring that the prettiest, most refreshing, most captivating young actress." "Beautiful from any angle, she also acts competently, doing both her madcap as well as her dramatic scenes quite convincingly." "The camera just loves her and she doesn’t make any false move, whether she’s clowning around or getting to be so emotional." "She has an endearing screen presence and palpable charisma." while Abby Mendoza of, regarding her performance, said: "it is Liza Soberano who particularly stands out—which isn’t to harp on her beautiful face on screen. She is a natural who displays the right restraint, pleasing to watch all the more since she doesn’t try too hard."
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