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Satomi Ishihara
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Age: 33
  • Height: 157 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Website: N/A
Satomi Ishihara is a Japanese actress and model, who has starred in several TV series and films. She began her career at the age of 17 in 2003 by starring in different supporting roles both for TV and films and later appeared for advertisements. Her most popular roles include her characterization in the TV series ‘Bī Bappu Hai Sukūru’ and ‘Shitsuren Chocolatier’ as well films such as ‘Ningen Shikkaku’ and ‘The Incite Mill’. Her role in ‘Shitsuren Chocolatier’ was so popular that she was the most searched Japanese actress on Yahoo in 2014. She was covered highly by the tabloids when she embarked on a relationship with the popular Japanese idol Yamashita Tomohisa; however, the couple decided to part ways. Ever since her appearance in the entertainment industry, Ishihara has been constantly lauded for her skills. She is also a recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Japan Academy Award and Blue Ribbon Award. She is currently represented by HoriPro talent agency.

Satomi Ishihara’s career took off with lead roles in 2003. She was cast as Tamako Godai in the drama film ‘My Grandpa’; she was also the lead in the TV series ‘Mado o Aketara’. She went on to appear in supporting roles in ‘Kimi wa Pet’ and ‘Teru Teru Kazoku’. She won the Newcomer Prize at the 16th Nikkan Sports Movie Grand-Prix.

With her career off to a flying start, she started appearing in various commercials in print and digital media for companies such as Toyota, Bank of Tokyo, Canon, etc. In 2004, she caught the critics’ eyes with her role as Kyōko Izumi in the drama series ‘Be-Bop High School’. Her choices expanded in 2005. She was cast as Yukiko Oshima in ‘Akai Giwaku’ and later went on to star in the sequel of ‘Be-Bop High School’. Her sole movie credit this year was ‘One Year in the North’ as Tae Komatsubara. 2006 proved to be a busy year for Satomi. Her role as Misora Aoi in the hit-comedy series ‘Ns’ Aoi’ became very popular. She also appeared in TV series ‘Hyōten’, in 2006.

Some of the films in which she was seen in next few years include ‘Hōtai Club’ (2007), ‘No Longer Human’ (2010), ‘The Incite Mill’ (2010), and ‘Sadako 3D’ (2012). In the same period, she was seen in supporting roles for various dramas before she was cast as Saeko Takahashi in ‘Shitsuren Chocolatier’ in 2014. This became her most well-known role; she eventually won the Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role at the International Drama Festival in Tokyo.

In 2015, she was seen in lead role in ‘5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita Obōsan’, a TV drama that fetched her the Best Actress award at the Television Drama Academy Awards.

In 2016, she starred as the lead in ‘Jimi ni Sugoi! Kōetsu Girl: Kouno Etsuko’, a TV series aired on NTV. In the TV series, Ishihara played Etsuko Kouno, a proofreader who wishes to become a fashion editor. The series received a high viewership and a spin-off of it was later released on Hulu. In the same year, she was part of ‘Shin Godzilla’, a science fiction film where she essayed the role of the President’s envoy. The movie performed exceedingly well and was critically appreciated as well.

In 2018, she was seen in the lead role in the TV mini-series ‘Unnatural’. She played a pathologist who works on unnatural death cases.

With several awards and critically acclaimed roles under her belt, Ishihara remains a popular actress in Japan today.

Satomi Ishihara was born as Kuniko Ishigami on December 24, 1986 in Tokyo, Japan. She currently lives in Japan with her pet dachshund, Helen. She follows Buddhism. It was recently reported by a local newspaper that she was seen with the CEO of ‘Showroom’ Yuji Maeda. The two are rumored to be dating. She was previously in a relationship with Tomohisa Yamashita, a Japanese idol and actor. She decided to end the relationship after realizing that Yamashita pursued an affair with a younger model. Her hobbies include playing tennis and piano. She has also learnt classical ballet and hip-hop dance.

When she was cast as a nurse in ‘Nurse Aoi’, Ishihara immersed herself in a hospital with nurses and constantly spoke to the staff in order to adapt their mannerisms and skills. She also learnt how to take one’s blood pressure and operate an X-Ray machine

She is among the most beautiful actresses in Japan today and has won several beauty competitions. In 2016, she won the Vogue Nippon Women of the Year.
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